White Labeling

Your account at Aqua Ad Server uses the generic aqua-adserver.com domain by default, complete with SSL.

If you want, we can set up white labeling for you, so that the ad serving account works on your own domain. This is an optional paid extra for your account.

Read about all the benefits of white labeling your Aqua Ad Server account, just scroll down on this page.

White labeling costs $7.50 per month, if you have the Pond or Lake Pricing plan.

For the Sea pricing plan and above, it’s free of charge.

Pricing for white labeling is explained in more detail below.

Benefits of white labeling your Aqua Ad Server account

Your own domain

The ad tags and the ad management console use your own domain, which improves recognition and trust. Nobody will be able to tell that your ad server is hosted by a third party.

Your logo on the ad management console

Your staff and associates see a familiar logo when they log in. If you provide usernames for your advertisers, they’ll immediately recognize your brand, resulting in higher levels of trust.

First Party Cookies

The ads run on the same domain as your website, resulting in first party cookies. This helps with compliance on GDPR and other privacy regulations, and also ensures Apple’s Safari allows such cookies.

SSL certificate for HTTPS pages

Your white labeled account comes with enterprise grade SSL certificates, ensuring that the ads display correctly on websites with an address starting with HTTPS.

Pricing for White Labeling your Aqua Ad Server account

White labeling is an optional extra for any existing Aqua Ad Server Account.

With the Sea pricing plan or higher, white labeling is free of charge. Once you’ve opened a Sea account or higher, a support representative will contact you to propose white labeling.

Available pricing options for Pond and Lake plans:

  • For a monthly payment frequency:
    $ 7.50 per month (first month pro-rated)
  • For a yearly payment frequency:
    $ 75 per year (that’s a saving of almost 17%)

These costs are on top of the pricing for the account.

Request White Labeling for your Aqua Ad Server account

Enter your name and email, and the name of your account

Make sure to enter the exact same account name that was used when your account was created, so we can process it correctly.

Also enter the domain name we should use for the white labeling.

After you send your request, you will receive a confirmation by email.

Following that, one of our support specialists will contact you to arrange the technical details.

Once the setup is completed, you will be invited to create a subscription to pay for your new white labeling.